Saturday, January 28, 2017

Celebrating Christmas Part 1

This year, we celebrated Christmas in stages.  First, of all, we were going to be gone for the actual Christmas Day, so on the night before we left for our vacation, we opened our Christmas gifts that we had received from our family in Cd'A.  My parents and my sister and her family had sent us some presents, so we opened those up before we left.  It was fun to begin celebrating a couple of days early.  The boys enjoyed receiving some fun games and other fun gifts.  Thanks to our family in Cd'A!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Zoo Lights 2016

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is going to the Oregon Zoo and seeing the zoo lights.  Every holiday season, they put up lights around the zoo, they stay open later into the evening, and people come and view the lights.  They also have a zoo train that you can ride that takes you around the zoo to look at the various lights.  So we bundle up, because it's usually quite cold, and went for it one evening before Christmas.  We rode the train and had a fun time walking around looking at the lights.