Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daniel Turned 5

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel turned 5 years old.  It's amazing to me to look at him and see the young boy he has become.  He is tender-hearted and enjoys sharing with Sam or Simon.  He likes to help out around the house.  He is becoming more independent and is able to go places and do things on his own.  He is smart and likes to learn.  Not everything is perfect.  He can complain if he doesn't get his own way.  And at times he really pushes Sam's buttons.  He also can have a bad attitude.  But it really is a miracle to look and see the person he is becoming.  I love you Daniel and am so glad you are in my life.
Daniel-At Birth

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday

Fifth Birthday

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Glacier Trip

Last week we took our little family to the great National Park of Glacier.  We had lofty plans of seeing and doing lots of things.  It turns out that we didn't do the things we planned to do, and did other fun things instead.  We were staying on the west side, so our first day there we decided to go over to the east side.  We hit major road construction and what should have taken an hour took us 3 hours.  So we changed our boat tour plans, and played some pitch and putt golf.  The boys loved it.  Later we did a different boat tour and a short hike.  The next day we were scheduled to take a red bus tour.  We weren't sure the youngest Youker could handle the 4 hour tour, so we decided we might take a canoe out on the water or something.  Later that evening we watched a huge thunderstorm roll in, and a tree fell over in the storm.  What excitement!  And we also managed to squeeze in another hike that day.  Overall, the boys had lots of fun.  When asked what their favorite thing was to do while there, the boys said playing in the lake; something unplanned!  Lesson learned.
Entering the Park

Simon & I on the Boat Tour

Daniel, Sam & Daddy on a Hike

Sam & Daniel Enjoying the Lake