Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter 2015

This year for Easter we celebrated on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we went over to Jeff's parent's house and celebrated with some of our extended family.  We had a yummy lunch.  Then, the kids colored eggs.  After that we had an egg hunt outside.  Then they came inside and enjoyed looking through all of their eggs.

Making Lunch (Cousin Cy and Jeff)

Coloring Eggs with the Cousins

Getting Ready to Egg Hunt

Finding Eggs (Simon and Elizabeth)

Sam, looking for eggs

Looking through his finds (Daniel)

On Sunday, we hosted an Easter brunch.  Jeff's parents came over.  His sister and husband were supposed to come too, but they had a dog emergency and couldn't make it.  We had a yummy brunch.  Then the kids had an egg hunt outside.  The weather was really nice both days.  It was a great Easter.

Egg Hunt (Simon)



Grandma & Grandpa look on

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Break Trip

I am so behind in blogging.  I have been teaching full time the past 2 weeks, (I still have 1 more week), and that has been keeping me so busy.  I am enjoying the subbing a lot, but very little is getting done at home, except what must absolutely get done.  I find myself with about 10 minutes right now, so I am going to try and get a quick blog written.

For spring break, the boys had 2 weeks off from school.  For the first week, we drove over to Idaho to see my parents and also my sister and her family.  The boys had so much fun playing in the backyard with Grandpa, Grandma and the cousins.  We also did a bike ride, hiked Tubbs Hill, played at a park. It was a great trip, and the time went by very quickly.  Here's a look back.

Eating Lunch in the Treehouse

More Treehouse

Lawn Mower pull ride with Grandpa

Lunch at the Park