Monday, December 17, 2012

End of Year Update

Here it is, the end of 2012.  I thought I'd take a look once again at my New Year's Resolutions and see how I did.  Here's a review of the resolutions:

1.  Run in at least 5 races this year
2.  Make a new recipe each week
3.  Update this blog more than once a month

1.  I'm happy to report that with the Jingle Bell run I did earlier this month, I was able to complete 5 races this year.  I ran in the Shamrock Run, the Bridges to Brews, Bloomsday, Hippie Chick and the Jingle Bell Run. 
2.  I did not make this happen this past year.  I'm not sure I even made it 1/4 way through 2012.  I found that I just didn't have the time to put into trying new recipes, and I would forget to look and get the proper ingredients needed each week.
3.  I think I was able to update this blog more than once a month.  So I guess #3 was a success.  Some months were better than others.

It's now time to start thinking about some resolutions for 2013.  I've got some ideas.  I'll be posting them in 2013.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Zoo Lights

One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to the Oregon Zoo and seeing the "zoo lights" that are displayed at Christmas time.  We went a couple of weeks ago.  We walked around and looked at all of the lights.  They are such a pretty display.  One option is also to ride the zoo train and look at all the lights.  But this time we just walked.  Maybe next time we'll take the train. 

All of the Boys in Front of the Penguin Lights

Sam on a Statue

Simon on a Statue

Daniel with a Monkey

Keeping Warm with Hot Chocolate

Some of the Lights

In Front of a Totem Pole

More Boys and Lights