Thursday, June 26, 2014

Resolution Mid-Year Update

It's time for me to check in and see how I'm doing with my resolutions for 2014.  I'm coming up on the 1/2 year mark.  Here's a recap:

1.  I want to run 1,000 miles this year.  I was about 50 short last year.  I think if I add a mile a week that should be close to hitting the 1,000 mile mark.  I want to keep doing races, but the races won't be part of my resolution.
UPDATE: I feel like I'm on track to reach 1,000 miles this year.  Right now I'm at around 530 miles, so I'm a little over half way.  And since my training for the marathon is going to intensify, I think I will be able to reach this goal.

2.  I want to read at least 10 books this year.  I get stuck reading magazines or the newspaper, and I don't read that many books.  I want to change that and do more book reading this year.
UPDATE: I'm still struggling with this one a little bit.  Although, I'm currently reading 2 books right now, and I've read a couple so far.  I have plans to read a couple more when I'm done with my current books.  So I haven't given up on this one yet, but it is going to take a little more work.

3.  Continue giving away at least one bag of things a month.  I fell behind last year, and since we will be moving in a year (or two), I'd like to get rid of more stuff!
UPDATE:  I have still been averaging about 2 bags or more a month.  So I feel really good about this one, but I'm happy to keep giving away even more!

4.  Continue spending time with Jeff on a regular basis.  Last year it was trying to get away at least every other month without the kids.  I'd like to continue that.
UPDATE:  Our time away has been sporadic, but we did get away together for a weekend in May, and this July we are going to Cabo for 5 days, so that feels like a real treat.  Hopefully we can keep up this tradition of getting away.

5.  More blogs!  I want to keep writing.
UPDATE:  I think I am keeping up with my blogging so far.  My goal is at least once a week, or more if I have time.  I am staying with this so far.

6.  Go off Facebook.  I will be deleting my account on January 1.
UPDATE: I haven't missed facebook much.  A couple of times I've wondered what people are up to.  But I try to keep in touch with people through other means, like emails, texts, visits or phone calls.  I still haven't decided if I will start up my account again after the first of the year.

So that's it, my 1/2 year update!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ramona Falls

Two Saturdays ago, we went with a few friends from church to go on a hike to Ramona Falls.  Ramona Falls is located towards Mt. Hood, along the Sandy River.  We were told it was a 7.3 mile hike which loops up and around some beautiful falls, looping back around again.  We knew this would be a stretch for the boys, more Simon, but even Sam.  We figured Daniel could handle it.  We drove up there and met up with our friends.  Daniel has a nice group of boys whom he has met through Sabbath School that he enjoys playing with.  And of course Sam and Simon love to tag along as well.  We started hiking.  Simon had to take a few breaks along the way for some snacks and we all had to take little breaks for water and to enjoy the views.  About half way there, Daniel had to go to the bathroom.  I felt bad for him because then he fell behind the others and his friends.  We took off again, even running a little ways, but then he had to go to the bathroom a second time.  Poor guy.  We finally made it to the falls, and it was really pretty!  But when we got there, I was a little worried about Daniel, and so I made him eat something and drink lots of water.  It was also a little chilly.  I was afraid we had stretched the boys maybe a little too thin!  So we started hiking back around the loop.  Daniel fell, trying to run and keep up with his friends again.  Sam and Simon took a couple of small tumbles too, but they were all right.  As we neared the end of the trail, we noticed a sign reading 4 miles to the falls.  So now we are thinking the hike might be closer to 8.5 miles.  I don't know for sure, but it was a long hike for us.  When we got back, everyone had brought food for a potluck dinner.  We were very hungry and everything tasted good!  I would do the hike again, but perhaps be a little more prepared next time!

Sam with Mt. Hood

Climbing Sam

Snack Break

Silly Group Pic

Friday, June 13, 2014

School Field Day

Last Friday, one week ago today, the boys' school had a school field day/fun day.  Simon and I decided to join in on the fun.  It first started with a chapel and the boys getting their yearbooks.  It was so cute to watch them running around the school asking students and faculty to sign their yearbooks.  After that it was time to get ready for lunch.  The school had a Subway order option if the kids didn't want to bring their own sack lunch.  Simon and I took advantage of that!  After lunch it was fun play time outside.  The field was set up with different stations.  All of the students were divided up in to groups and sent around to each station.  Simon enjoyed following Daniel and Sam through some of the stations.  After the stations, it was free water play with a water fight.  A fire engine also came and sprayed water from one of their big hoses.  The kids had lots of fun!

Daniel Throwing at the Dunk Tank

Sam Jumps in the Sack Race

Simon Loved the Bounce House

Sam Visited with some Puppies

Simon is Ready for the Water Fight

Daniel Slides down the Water Slide

Sunday, June 1, 2014

School Activities

The boys have been busy lately staying involved with school activities.  Each of their classes was in charge of chapel recently.  They helped lead song service for each of the chapels.  And both were involved with the plays/skits that their class presented to the rest of the school.  It's cute to see them so excited and want to be involved with their class.
Sam (in all red) helps with song service

Daniel (in Duck shirt) helps with song service

Daniel reads for the play his class performs

The other activity they did recently was to be in the schools walk-a-thon.  The school was raising money for new computers for the school.  Daniel did a great job of making phone calls and getting family members to sponsor him and Sam.  Then when the big day came, they both ran their hearts out.  Daniel ran 25 laps (a little over 6 miles) for his class and Sam ran/walked 13 (over 3 miles) laps.  I was so proud of both of them.  It rained a little while they were running, but they didn't get distracted by it, and they just did their best. 

Simon cheers them on!