Monday, August 17, 2015

Camp Meeting

The boys and I had fun going out to Camp Meeting in Gladstone, OR for the Oregon Conference Camp Meeting this year.  It was last month, in July.  It started on a Wednesday and went through Saturday.  The meetings started at 10:30, so we got out there around 10:00.  They had a morning meeting, afternoon fun play time and an evening meeting.  We stayed for all three meetings.  We hung out at our friends' Ruth and Renee's site, and shared meals with them.  It made for some very long days, but the boys have so much fun, that I can't imagine our summer without it.  And it's fun for me to run into old friends and visit with new ones!  Here's a look back.

Simon with some of his friends

Sam enjoys the singing

Daniel enjoying the afternoon play time

How the boys looked on the drive home

A group photo with all of the kids from the surrounding campsites

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daniel's Birthday

On July 9, Daniel turned 9 years old.  What a big guy he is!  We were in Coeur d'Alene on his birthday, but he wanted to have a party here in Portland and invite some of his friends from school.  So the Sunday after his birthday, when we had gotten back to Portland, we had a swim party at the Grandparent Youker's Home.  Summer is a hard time to have a party since so many people are away and gone on vacations.  But many of his classmates were able to make it.  We also invited other friends and family.  They had a nice time swimming, eating and celebrating.  I think Daniel had a great birthday!

Kids Swimming

Natalie among others

More Swim Fun


Singing to Daniel


Donald with Tyler

Emily and Simon

The Bros

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Idaho Visit Part 2

While we were in CDA visiting my family, it was Daniel's birthday.  He turned 9 on July 9!  We celebrated the evening with family and also my friend Kristin and her two boys came over too.  We had dinner, than cake (which was cheesecake).  The boys had fun playing.  It was a nice evening, and we ate outside.

Keaton, Sam, Camden & Daniel

Getting Ready to Sing

The next day was our last day there.  The boys swam in the pool and had fun in the backyard.  We had a nice trip in CDA this summer.

The 3 Boys in the Pool




The Boys Reading Stories With Grandma