Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hawaii Days 7-10

On our last day in Hawaii, we played by the pool and in the ocean again.  Jeff and the boys did a little snorkeling.  I did some laundry and packed to leave then next day.
Dinner that night
On Saturday, we flew to Oahu.  It was a short flight over.  We got there and had time to go visit the Dole Plantation.

Dole Plantation 
Train Ride!



Daniel and I

Jeff and I

Grandma and Simon

Jeff and Sam
On Sunday, we spent the day visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial.  It was quite an amazing experience.  It's almost hard to put into words.  I felt such awe and respect while were there, and it was a very humbling experience to know what the people went through that day of the attack.  In addition, we also toured the USS Missouri.

The Memorial 
The Harbor 
Reenacting the Kiss  
Pic by the Sign

On Monday we flew back home.  It was a wonderful trip.

Flying Home

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hawaii Days 5 & 6

On Wednesday, we drove the Road to Hana.  This is a very curvy road with about 100 hairpin turns and curves.  It's about 60 miles long.  But it takes all day to drive it.  There are lots of one lane roads and sometimes you have to take turns with other cars.  Also, there are lots of places to stop along the way to get out for short hikes, playing in waterfalls or pools of water, or buying snacks.  It was an interesting trip.

All of us on a hike
Simon trying to get his arms around the tree
Sam, Simon and Jeff
All of us enjoying fresh Banana Bread
The Boys
Simon, Jeff and Daniel

On Thursday, we stayed at the hotel and swam again.  Jeff and Daniel went out for a kayak ride.  Sam and Simon played some chess.  That night we had dinner in town and visited the huge Banyon Tree.  

Jeff and his sisters
The Boys 
Family Pic

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hawaii Days 3 & 4

On our 3rd day in Hawaii, we drove up to Haleakala, which is a National Park and also an old volcano.  It took about 2 hours to drive to the top.  We had great views all around us.  We took a short hike.  We looked at the different wild flowers, and had a nice picnic lunch.  The boys also got their Junior Ranger Badges.

On our 4th day in Hawaii, we stayed at the hotel again.  We swam and played in the pools and ocean.  The boys took part in a water balloon toss.  It was a nice relaxing day.  That night we went to a Luau.  That was very interesting to see as well.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hawaii Days 1 & 2

During the early part of July, we flew to Hawaii to spend a vacation with Jeff's parents and his sisters and husband.  We flew in Saturday afternoon.  When we got there, it took a while to get into our room, so we weren't able to do any swimming that first day.  We had dinner out at one of the local restaurants.

Flying in
Jeff and Daniel

Grandma with Sam and Simon

Jeff and I

Todd, Debbie and Cheryl
The next morning Jeff and I took a run along the beach.  Then we spent the day by the pool.  The boys enjoyed swimming in the ocean and then running back into the pool.  We rented boogie boards, and they tried that out too.  This day was also Daniel's birthday.  We went into town to eat at Kobe's.



Us at Kobe's

More of Us

Daniel's Birthday